Creative Punishment

I have two boys. Two beautiful, intelligent, sneaky, hell-raising, rambunctious boys that drive me batty simply because I love them so much. Our words for this week – as my BFF can now attest to – are DISRESPECTFUL and DISOBEDIENT.

The reality is: they’re children (4 and 6), they’re boys, and they are going to push the envelope, but this week they really tested my gangsta… and got their feelings hurt for it. After being sent to bed with no TV and only the bathroom light shining in their room, I got up to check on them and Peanut (the 6-year old) is clicking off the TV and running back to the bed. Now, it’s 2a.m. and I’m exhausted, so I say nothing. I step silently out of my bedroom shoes, turn on the light, and begin taking out of their room every toy that my eye could see, including the toy baskets! (I almost took the TV but I figured that would be my new bargaining chip.) They’re in the bed screaming bloody murder and Scoot (the 4-year old) is telling Peanut, “That was a bad idea!” Yes, little monkey, it certainly was…

I was raised on butt whoopings and phone and weekend privileges being taken away, but 1. they’re still young, 2. they are the generation that has (almost) EVERYTHING, and 3. I don’t have the kind of stamina my mom had to be cutting butt all day long. And with no wine in the house for me to take a time out, I had to get creative. So now their toys are taking a temporary vacation in a trash bag in my garage until I get a little more respect and little more obedience out of them.

What are some creative ways you discipline your little ones?

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