Be True

I usually write this out after I’ve watched the whole episode but right now I am high off the adrenaline rush so I am getting this out while it’s still HOT!

1.) Luscious doesn’t care who his sons are… I thought that Luscious just didn’t know the kind of men his boys grew up to be, but the reality is he just doesn’t care. He wants them to be who and what he wants them to be: he wants Jamal to be straight, Andre to not be bi-polar, and Hakeem to be his mini me. Watching him put these scantily clad tramps in front of Andre after making him the president of GUTTER LIFE Records… Andre ain’t nobody’s gutter life. And who is he to give Jamal relationship advice? Talking about he shouldn’t take Michael on the road with him. Boy, bye. Please stay in your lane, Luscious.

2.) Michael was right to side eye the artist dude (what is his name???) for all the looks and compliments he was giving Jamal – or at least that’s what I was going to say – but then HE turns around and lets dude… uh… blow his mind. And because I don’t think he ever knew that Jamal was questioning whether or not to take him on tour with him, I have to say that Michael is a tramp ass slut. I’m sorry. I was rooting for him and them and their relationship, and he just goes and drops his draws for this random free spirit, about to make Jamal and Becky catch a charge… That you just do not do.

3.) I AM TOTALLY HERE FOR ADAM RODRIGUEZ AND HIS THUG LIFE!!!!                                   Bay-bay! CSI: Miami ain’t got nothing on Empire! For ten seasons we watched Eric Delko in a scuffle after scuffle under the caliente Miami sun, but I don’t remember anything that compares to watching him and Cookie get the drop on those two fools Thirsty (per Luscious) sent to steal her masters! He was absolutely gorge with the long, curly hair pretty boy look in Magic Mike XXL (yes, I saw it – don’t judge me!), but I like him dark and serious and kicking ass. Yes, it’s ratchet and ghetto… and SEXY and this 3-minute scene just gave me my whole Wednesday night LIFE! Yes, Adam!


4.) Luscious don’t love nobody but himself… Even though this ain’t a surprise, why come to the boy’s baptism – supposedly to fix the family – and then when he tells you he loves you say, “I know you do.”? Every episode I am more and more done with Luscious. Andre wants to be at Empire, but he’s trying to get right with the Lord and you can’t get right with the Lord when you still in league with the devil…


5.) How they just go’n kidnap Hakeem??? I think Lee Daniels and Shonda Rimes are in league to keep us mouth wide open on the edge of our seats salivating until the next week. If Lee has hopped on this Shondaland / Danieland train I guess I am along for the ride! I thought tonight’s episode was fire but it looks like we just lit the match!

I’m ready for next week, are you?!

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