Fires of Heaven

I was a lot more pleased with this week’s episode of Empire; last week was a little too slow for me. But “Fires of Heaven” was truly FIRE and looks like the season is heating up…

1.) Hakeem has a lot to learn about life… and women! That little Valentina girl was already a spicy little firecracker, and now that he slept with her she is really uncontrollable! Like Cookie said: an Unsung episode waiting to happen!

2.) Luscious is more full of himself than I thought:                                                                       Jamal: They can’t stop a king from speaking to his subjects.                                                  Luscious: Blasphemy! I’m a god.


3.) People, please take the right people with you to your business meetings, ok? Freda rolled up to THE EMPIRE to see Luscious Lyon himself and all she got with her is a team of thugs being led by her illiterate brother talking about he “can’t even read half these words,” so they must be playing her… No. Y’all dumb. Where is y’all’s attorney?! Who goes to a business meeting where the potential to sign contracts and does not take a lawyer? And why is she improperly dressed? Yeah, she’s a hardcore rapper from the projects and all that, but put on a damn pair of slacks and a blouse and look like somebody going to a meeting… and not the basketball court. Damn.


4.) Every man needs a strong woman in his life to give him the (verbal) business! Becky gave Jamal exactly what he needed to hear: basically, stay in your lane and stop living your life off of business that ain’t yours. Cookie always accepted Jamal and now he is trying so hard to please Luscious and get from him the love he withheld all these years that he is losing himself and destroying the relationship that he has with the mother that always loved him. What Luscious and Cookie got going on has nothing to do with Jamal and Luscious is wrong for putting him in the middle of it.

5.) When two hurt women get together against the same man, watch out! Push the furniture back… take YOUR shoes off… and get ready to RUN! Cookie can’t stand Anika, and Anika ain’t bout that thug life… but they both want Luscious’s balls in a vice and are willing to work together to make that happen. I can’t wait to see what damage the two of them together can do for the rest of the season.


6.) Luscious is running scared. Last season Luscious was afraid he was dying and was gonna die alone, and this season he’s afraid that the Dynasty is about to take over! I know y’all looking at Luscious agreeing to produce Jamal and stealing Valentina away from Hakeem as boss moves, slaps in Cookie’s face. I see fear. A boss would let Jamal go back to his mama, reestablish that relationship, and let him get his album done because the money comes back to Empire regardless. A boss would get a girl group together and have an album drop the same time as MirageTrois so they would be in competition but still making money. A boss competes with you so that you can make them better, but a scared man steals from you to try and keep you down so you can’t eat… but as we all know: you can’t keep Cookie down. And we learned in this episode that she’s always go’n eat, just not with Luscious…

I can’t WAIT until next week to see what kind of chemistry Taraji and Adam Rodriguez bring to the Empire. Oh, you didn’t know? Oop! Y’all better get ready… I know I am!

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