Poor Yorick

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For the past year – maybe longer – I have wanted a Genie from DirecTV. You know, the fancy DVR that lets you record up to 5 shows at a time. We finally got one at the beginning at the summer, and it’s been cool… until last night. Of course when I need all 4 of my shows to record, it only picks up 2 of them! BUT even though my DVR decided to go on temporary strike, I am still here with your Empire Education!

1.) Who the hell is Yorick?! I am not up on my Shakespeare, I must admit, so I had to look up Yorick to learn that he is a fictional character in Hamlet whose skull is exhumed by the gravedigger in Act 5, Scene 1… Now the episode’s title makes sense to me!

2.) I think I like Thirsty… Yeah, his taste in suits leaves something to be desired, but that almost illegal legal representation that he’s giving is quite amusing: a little law, a little hood, and a whole lotta life experience equals a run for her money for Roxanne.

3.) I am HERE for that “Grandma ass”! I’m not hip to all things Taraji, so I don’t know if she is really a grandma, but I’m just a mama and I’m trying to squat my way to big booty perfection, so yessss, Grandma, do that!

4.) Love makes you do stupid things… I understand wanting the love and acceptance of a parent, but at the risk of your freedom??? I’m still trying to figure out if it’s love or acceptance or what, but the fact that Andre was willing to go and dig up Vernon’s body and potentially go to prison all so Luscious would let him back in the Empire… I’m still dumbfounded.

5.) Luscious is the devil… and he said it himself: he wants your soul, and from what I can see that’s what you have to pay in order to stay on his good side and be a part of the Empire. Now, Luscious says he’s trying to leave his sons a legacy, but he’s pitting them against each other and ending the relationships that would be the glue to keep the company together. I can’t figure how none of these intelligent young men can see that Luscious is just dangling Empire in front of their faces like a carrot to a horse. He’s never really going to give it up, he’s just using it to manipulate them into doing what he wants them to do.

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6.) Cookie ain’t no snitch… Which we all already knew, but I swear I couldn’t imagine what Cookie was gonna tell Roxanne to get out of there. When she said that Luscious and Bunkie were fighting over the radio station deal I all but fell OUT! Well played, Cookie. Well played. In the words of Luscious Lyon: it’s game time, bitches.

7.) Halloween came early for Roxanne… Damn Yorick, poor Roxanne just about came up out that suit when she saw that corpse in her front seat! Chiiiillllleeeee, how they just go’n put Vernon’s body in her car like that?! Now that’s just dirty (but I’m still laughing)!

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8.) Empire is motivational… I know it’s some ghetto ratchetness, and no, I don’t believe that every artist has to have gone to jail or be willing to go to jail or sell their soul to the devil in order to live their dreams, but I do believe that those of us that come from nothing and even those of us that come from something still need to SEE other folks like us get to the top of their game in order to believe that we can too. My brother and I came from two working parents that still can’t understand why we won’t just “go get a good job” with a guaranteed paycheck and medical benefits… but we believe in ourselves, our talent, and our grind. We know that we’re going to get where we want to be. I know that I will be able to provide for my children what I want them to have: the unshakeable understanding that your dreams do come true if you’re willing to work for them. That’s what I choose to take from Empire. Remove all the drama and what some people feel as exploitation and see the core of it: two people who sacrificed for a dream built in a garage on the backbone of hard work; a legacy they wanted to leave their kids – the same as any parent in this world. No matter how you start, it’s how you finish that matters.

What do you choose to take from Empire?

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