Without a Country

I am soooo sorry for leaving you without your Empire Education last week, but my poor computer – as loyal as she was – took her rest and went on to laptop heaven… The funeral services with the Boys II Men rendition of It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday and Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come were quite moving. Now that I am up and running again with the newest addition to the electronic section of the Simmons Family, let’s get to it!

1.) Every team needs a “Cookie.” We may not all have an actual, literal Cookie Lyon on our team but if you are trying to be successful – whatever that means to you – you had better have a Cookie-type chick on your team: that female that is destined for greatness and bound for glory and won’t stop until the finished line has been demolished in her wake by her hands that turn everything she touches into gold! Cookie came from federal prison to Empire back to the hood to create Lyon Dynasty out of the ashes of betrayal because she and Luscious can’t seem to share the same space to dream a shared dream. All she needed to say to seal this episode for me was, “Watch me work.”


2.) Jail & prison are NOT the same thing! From having worked in both the county jail and the state prison, I know there’s a difference and Cookie should too… at least Lee Daniels should write it so that she sounds like she knows the difference. Cookie did time in PRISON, Luscious did three months in the county lockup waiting on a bond hearing. I need them to stop saying jail and prison as if they were interchangeable.

3.) Even though the cast doesn’t seem to know the difference between jail and prison, at least the jail scenes were on point. First of all, let me say that I am ALL ABOUT my other baby daddy, Luda, in this detention officer uniform and blacked out aviators with just the right amount of stubble… Yessss, hunti! I absolutely loved him as what we would call the SuperCO (Correctional Officer), doing the absolute most to make everyone aware that it’s “his house,” trying to assert his power (that his probably doesn’t have in any other aspect of his life), the smuggling of the contraband with the help of the officers, and even the accuracy of Luscious’s armband made me miss the everyday in-your-face shenanigans of working at the jail.

4.) Luscious is not about this thug life gangsta rap business. Sexy, psychotic papa bear that he is, he might KNOW music and while I love his singing voice, baby ain’t got no bars. I’mma need for Lee Daniels to stick to ballads when it comes to Luscious and leave the rapping to the other artists… unless he singing Whoop that trick!

5.) Women will use what we got to get what we want… and that’s my Ronni Ho quote of the day (if I lost you, step your Players Club game up). Now, I’m not saying that Rhonda didn’t sincerely want to share with Jamal the news of her pregnancy, but let’s be real: that’s Andre’s brother, why is she telling Jamal other than to get him to feel some sense of family as Uncle Jamal” lets Andre back into the Empire to make sure he can provide for their unborn child. Well played, Rhonda. Well played.

6.) Everyone has demons… Even Luscious. If you are caught up from last season then you know that Andre has bi-polar disorder and battles with him thinking that Luscious doesn’t love him because he’s the only one that isn’t musical. In this episode Andre asks Luscious why does he hate him and we get a flashback of Luscious as a boy sitting in the lap of a mother (Kelly Rowland… Yay!!) who clearly has some mental issues going on. So it’s not that Luscious hates him, he – in my opinion – is afraid of getting close to his son and going through whatever he went through with his mother, which I’m sure we will get more of as the season progresses.

This episode wasn’t as educational as the season opener, but it was definitely just as entertaining! What did you learn?

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