WTF was I Thinking?!

I’m a horror flick kinda chick, and I figured that October was the perfect time to get my horror flick fix (& I still probably will), but my personal life has made me decide to switch gears.

As a businesswoman and work from home/homeschooling mom I’ve been struggling lately. Long hours, little sleep, (seemingly) less productivity… Quite often I’ve found myself asking myself “why?” Why don’t I just put the kids in school? Why don’t I just go back into law enforcement? Why don’t I just leave XYZ until tomorrow and get more sleep? Sometimes I have answers for myself and sometimes I don’t, but today I got at least one answer.

Today started out as one of those I-woke-up-too-soon-please-administer-my-coffee-intravenously kind of days. I woke up before the alarm, eyes burning wanting more sleep, the devil on my shoulder saying, “F– it; go back to sleep…” Then I heard munchkin noises coming from across the hall and figured I would go see what the early morning shenanigans were all about. Peanut was up – sort of – and I took it as a sign to start our day while the house was still quiet, so Blurry-eyed Mommy and Cranky Peanut headed downstairs to the classroom to get the day going.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

Before I even had my first sip of coffee we were battling Peanut’s attitude that makes him say he doesn’t know or remember things he just did thirty seconds before. **insert mental whoo-saw moment** I quietly sipped my coffee and left him sitting in his crankiness and prayed for help and strength. Five minutes and a long, encouraging conversation later I walked away (to the other side of the room) and left him to work independently. No hovering, no frustration because he’s guessing instead of working and, lo and behold he did it! His major issue is he “can’t read,” and, of course when I’m telling him that he can and he is, he doesn’t believe it because he can’t yet read the way Daddy and I read (and apparently I don’t know anything). When he realized that all the games we’ve been playing and words we’ve been writing amounted to him reading and compiling full sentences on his own, the look on his face was priceless!

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THIS is the reason I homeschool! Despite the frustration and lack of sleep and nagging from naysayers, I get to be the one to share in the victories FIRST; no second-hand sticker and smiley face covered worksheets coming home from the teacher, just my son and me high-fiving at nine o’clock in the morning because our fighting and crying is paying off in ways that we can both see.

What are some of your why’s?


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