Bi-Polar Mom

The weekend of our wedding anniversary I’d been planning and even re-planning EVERYTHING for about three months: the location, the budget, my weight loss that didn’t happen, what to buy, what to pack… I especially planned when I was dropping the kids off to my mom. Every day for about two weeks those kids drove me bat shit crazy, and I just kept sipping my Cabernet and mentally counting down the days until they were off to Grammy’s house. We didn’t head to the beach until Saturday, but because my mom is absolutely she let us drop the kids off on Friday so we could kick off the weekend celebrating with friends. The day I dropped them off I was behind schedule from doing the most – as per my norm – but still managed to get them to her by 5:30/6 then hung around for another hour and a half dilly-dallying with details and last minute trips to Wal-Mart for snacks and getting them fed (because of course I couldn’t let my mom do that). When I finally pull off, I start missing them about halfway through my 20-minute drive home.


W… T… F?! The same little hellions that had been tearing up my house and my nerves were pulling my heartstrings with the simple knowledge that I would be away from them for 3 days with my husband on a trip that I’d been mentally doing cartwheels for! #Bipolar

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It lasted about as long as it took me to get home and see The Husband and start talking evening plans, but even over the course of the weekend I managed to connect with other moms and TALK ABOUT THEM! Jamie, the bartender we met at Nick’s Cigar Lounge in North Myrtle Beach said it best: you plan and plan to get away from the kids then when you’re away all you do is talk about THEM!


Yeah, they drive our blood pressure up and make us contemplate pulling our hair out while Swan diving off the second floor landing, and no, we’re not trying to be rushed back to dirty diapers, spit up, stepped-on Legos, sibling rivalry, unfinished homework, moments of WTF did I just suck into the vacuum cleaner, and piles of clean laundry you simply refuse to put away so you live out of the basket until the next time you do laundry… But those are our babies and we love them, so if you find yourself missing them for more than 30 seconds during your vacation away from them, it’s ok; you’re just a regular bi-polar mom, and you’re in good company.

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