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Founder of Divas With a Purpose, my best girlfriend (& coincidentally for this post, my sorority sister) is such a dynamic diva! Thankful Thursday is an idea that I stole from her and decided to expand into my daily life, especially this month.

Being a stay at home/work from home mom is exhausting and sometimes I get so caught up in how tired and cranky and overwhelmed that I am that I forget to be thankful for how blessed I truly am. I used to say that I was unhappy and couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized that happiness is a choice, and if I choose to I can be happy everyday no matter what little – or big – things come my way. With Thanksgiving upon us I decided that this would be the perfect month to apply that same principle to being thankful. The struggle came where I needed to figure out four blog posts of things that I’m really thankful for that was more than just my husband and kids; they’re automatic. Then day after day I would speak to a different one of my sorority sisters about a different thing that just sowed into my spirit. Casual conversations that touched things that I’ve been going through that I didn’t share with anyone and found out they were going through too, and we managed to – unexpectedly – get each other through.

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I knew when I was younger that I wanted to be in a sorority. I wasn’t sure which sorority, but I knew that I wanted that life of sisterhood: women helping, loving, networking with each other because they shared the same set of Greek letters. It wasn’t until I joined that I truly began to understand what I was getting. Initially I was leery… I don’t like women. I mean, I like the women in my circle that have been there seemingly forever, but other than that I was truly afraid that I wanted something that I wouldn’t be able to give in return. I have a biological sister, but there’s something about sorority sisters that’s different from other women – even your blood sister. There’s something about being in a sorority that – if you let it – will change your life. I have been blessed to meet women from all walks of life: women recovering from substance abuse, women who have survived domestic violence, women suffering the same medical issues, women estranged from their parents, single mothers, wives, women with degrees, women working to get their degrees, younger women, older women… WOMEN. Overall we are all women who, in one way or another, have something to give and something to gain in return: sisterhood. We pray for each other and love each other and go to war together not just because we share the same set of Greek letters – I understand that now – but because we all made the same vow of sisterhood, the same vow to be our sister’s keeper. There is a true sense of warmth and security in knowing that from coast to coast I have a sister somewhere that, if I call on her, will be there for me with a listening ear, a ride if I’m stranded, a place to lay my head if I need one, and love for my children if I can’t find the strength to give it myself.

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Some people don’t understand Greek life. They look at us and wonder how we can love some woman we just met and call her Sis or Soror and genuinely mean it, but we do, and I’m not inclined to explain it. Sorry.                                                                                                                      …not sorry.                                                                                                                                                It’s just one of those things you have to live through to truly understand.

These women are my sisters for better or worse, similar and different, near and far, and if they need me they will have what I have because I have faith that if the tables were turned they would do the exact same for me. That’s what this sisterhood is: faith and trust and belief in another woman to have your back, even across the miles. No, we don’t all like each other or speak everyday, but we’re family, and the same way you may be distant from some of your relatives you love them because they’re yours.


These ladies are mine, and I am exceedingly thankful for them.

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