Gift of Weight Loss Challenge

I refuse to wait until the end of the year to come up with a resolution for 2016!

…I mean, I’ll have something(s) I want to accomplish, but for the past two or three years it’s been the same: lose weight, get beach ready by my birthday (which happens to be in the summer), and for the past two or three years I’ve fallen short. This year I decided to shake things up a bit and start my weight loss in December. Crazy, right? Well, not so much. Every year I give myself a gift for Christmas, and this year I decided to give myself the gift of weight loss. I mean, how AWESOME would I feel having lost weight and feeling super cute ON New Year’s Eve instead of vowing to start working on it once the clock strikes midnight…


So, that’s my goal, and as a new It Works! distributor (shameless plug), I am going to utilize my own products to help in making my goal a reality and not just a resolution. I’ve done my research, I’ve bought my products, and now it’s time to kick my own ass into high gear and make something happen!

FullSizeRender (6)

It Works! has a 90-day challenge but I am committing to a kick-start 25-day challenge and making it my Christmas gift to myself: the gift of weight loss.                                                        No, not everyone should be thin or is even healthy when they’re thin. Truth be told, I’m not really a thin chick and I’m not looking for that, I just want to feel better in my own skin and shedding several pounds (no, I won’t tell how many… until I’ve lost them) and getting back the muscle that’s hiding will do that for me. Hopefully you will join me on my journey and help keep me motivated AND accountable!


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