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When I say I LOVE Pinterest, please believe me!

This year we decided that the kids are old enough to understand and appreciate the Elf on the Shelf (we got started a little late due to my “over-planning”) and dove right into figuring out how to make it work for everyone. Because I’m the mom (& chick) that does the absolute most, the elf couldn’t just “show up,” there had to be a full-on arrival in order for this to really go over well. While my husband picked up the elf, I went to the post office and got a mailing box and started searching online for ways to make this really special. Earlier in the week I needed some cash back and bought two of the $0.50 bags of Cheetos for the boys and was just waiting for the right time to give them to them along with a replacement of their Ninja Turtles DVD, so I decided to drop those in the box along with the coloring book and puzzle that came with him and a letter explaining who he was and why he was here. I found the poem (which I tweaked) and decided to put it in the “Letter from Santa” envelope and put them all in the box together. The seal on the bottom of the poem I just pulled from online images searching for “official elf seal.”


Because I know that my kids are going to be naughty, I found a template online to print and cut out and leave for them from the elf so that they know this is serious Christmas business. Since I also know that they’re going to have their moments of being nice, I decided on a few treats that the elf would leave for the nice days and created a “certificate” to go with it. The certificate, as you can see, is generic, and I pulled that seal off of the internet also.


(Forgive the pictures; the kids were still running around when I began this post and they are quite nosey!)

Again: I’m the chick that does the most, and I can’t stand being unprepared, so I made a list of ideas that I thought would be cute and fun (and over the top) for Sprinkles to do. I’ve seen some blog posts that actually put together calendars, but even for me that was too much! I needed something I could get to quickly and not accidentally leave laying around for the 12-year old to see. Yeah, she knows it’s me or her dad making sure the “magic” happens (even though we’ll never admit to it), but I wanted her to be just as surprised as the boys at what shenanigans Sprinkles manages to pull each night.


Honestly, I’m actually excited to see how this is going to play out and how the kids are truly going to respond. I’m not sure if the Elf on the Shelf if for them or me…

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