Crispy Oven Buffalo Wings

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Who LOVES chicken wings? Yep, THIS GIRL! Who is trying to steer clear of trans-fats and HATES frying anything in hot oil and having that grease smell all through the house? Yeah, that would be me again.

In my quest to be healthier and eat healthier I absolutely had to find a healthy buffalo wing. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I had to try – a wingless life is absolutely NOT an option for me.

Unlike my husband who is the King of Heat & Spice and loves jalapeno, habanero, ghost, and just about any other hot pepper in almost every dish, I don’t share his love of spice. I can stand jalapenos in certain dishes occasionally and I’ll curry-up (Charleston slang) most anything, but I prefer flavor to heat. If it’s spicy but flavorful then I’m all for it; I prefer flavor to burning tongue and lips, but because I’ve had Frank’s Red Hot before I figured I could hang… and I did until about the last 2 or 3. I finished my wings! But my mouth was on fire! LOL

I usually eat celery with my wings to make me feel less guilty about eating all that trans-fat and sugar and carbs in the sauce, but these wings are baked in the oven and the sauce has ZERO CARBS… no guilt here! The picture shows a bottle of vegetable oil next to the Frank’s Red Hot. In one batch I used the oil to coat the wings before baking and in one batch I left it out. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference, and have since left it out of the equation, but feel free to try both options and let me know what you think.

Crispy Oven Buffalo Wings
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  • Chicken wing pieces
  • Frank’s Red Hot buffalo wing sauce
  • Cooking spray


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a cookie cooling rack with cooking spray and place on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Bake for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes until skin is crisp. Toss with buffalo sauce and serve hot! Enjoy!



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