Cabbage Soup Detox Review

I, like most people of my generation, like instant results. I don’t mind working hard, but I need to see results! Hence the reason I decided to do the cabbage soup diet… again. The first time I did it I didn’t know that there was an actual diet; I just ate light and incorporated the soup twice a day. Seeing no real results, this quest didn’t last long, but with my couples’ cruise around the corner and not feeling like I was getting the results I wanted from just changing my diet, I decided to look it up again, and this time I saw that there’s an actual 7-day plan to it. The idea is to lose 10+ pounds in 7 days, so with all the cardio I’ve been doing I decided to tackle this 7 days head-on and hope for the best. This is my 7-day journal of my cabbage soup diet experience…


Day 1 (unlimited soup & only fruits; no bananas) – I have determined that I am not as big a fruit person as I once thought, or maybe I didn’t buy enough fruit to keep my interest. I ate my two servings of soup plus grapefruit, watermelon, a watermelon slush, and apples. Because my big focus is my accumulated belly fat I also had blackberry-infused green tea (sweetened with stevia) and a handful of almonds. Full disclosure: I couldn’t take the headache anymore and broke down and also ate some lo mein I had leftover from the night before. Then I spent the rest of Day 1 planning my meals for the rest of the week. It’s so much easier to find and create vegetable recipes than fruit recipes; a person can eat only so much fruit salad. On the next go-round (I’m optimistic I can do it again!) I have to figure out a better way to get through Day 1…

Day 2 (unlimited soup & only vegetables plus a baked potato) – When I tell you I think my sorority sisters and I went to sleep dreaming of potatoes, please believe me! The diet plan didn’t specify what type of baked potato, so I opted for sweet potato topped with grassfed butter and organic honey and truffle oil drizzled asparagus. Ooh, sweet baby Jesus, I was so glad for this meal! Because I’d done a double dose of cardio I didn’t feel like it lasted very long, but I had veggie cakes on the menu for dinner that I was truly waiting to eat. I made eight, ate four and was SOOOO full… After wanting to slap somebody on Day 1, I was very thankful for “vegetable day.”


Day 3 (unlimited soup, fruits, & vegetables) – After my grapefruit for breakfast and lots of afternoon running around I was very hungry and probably didn’t make the best decision by having a Caesar salad with my cabbage soup and leftover veggie-cakes lunch, but it was a side salad size so hopefully it was ok. I think spaghetti squash might be a little on the starchier vegetable side, and I’m not sure that I should have had butter (it was grassfed!), but it was very filling AND satisfying.

Day 4 (bananas, yogurt, & milk) – Six pounds down at morning weight check! I was both excited and leery of this day since I’m not a real big banana fan; banana rum, banana liquer, banana nut bread sure, but just bananas and yogurt and milk… ALL DAY??? I mean, come on… I had already taken to Pinterest to find vegetable recipes and tomato ideas for Day 5, but this banana thing was on a whole different level for me. I’m hoping that I don’t alter my potential results by making pancakes, but, hey, I had to do it! These pancakes require pureed banana, eggs, and baking powder. I added almond milk and put everything together in my NutriBullet then added blueberry halves and topped the finished pancakes with organic maple syrup. Even if it does alter my results I think I have a new pancake recipe! I must also admit that my chocolate banana “ice cream” was pretty delicious too! I didn’t have any soup today, and I drank a double dose (2 tea bags in 10oz. of hot water) of oolong detox tea at bedtime because I got hungry and decided to scramble three eggs (no salt, cooked in cooking spray only).

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Day 5 (tomatoes, fish/chicken/turkey) – Today was a little exciting and yet bothersome as I am mildly allergic to tomatoes and the recipe suggests eating 6 – 8 tomatoes. I can eat a few tomatoes, but that many would have led to a very uncomfortable situation. I managed to limit myself to 2 medium green tomatoes that I seasoned and fried in crushed pork skins as a batter and treated the husband and myself to my first try at chicken cacciatore, which I must admit was damn delicious. I didn’t have any soup today. Additionally, I took a dose of Mag07 Colon Cleansing pills at bedtime because I ate a quarter cup of brown rice with my chicken cacciatore.



Day 6 – beef and vegetables – On my second shopping trip – I didn’t want to buy the Day 4 bananas too early – I saw one of my favorite but often forgotten about vegetables which totally changed my Day 6 menu from braised steak and broccoli to boneless beef ribs and rutabaga with green beans. My hope was that I would be able to eat and not put back on the pounds that I’d already lost so I opted to eat only this one meal twice instead of trying to eat two different meals and I also opted for two rounds of cardio today instead of one and a dose of Mag07 Colon Cleansing pills at bedtime in order to hopefully keep a calorie deficit and flush out any excess that may have been lingering from the red meat.

Day 7 (fruit, vegetables, rice, and unsweetened fruit juice) – Today is Mother’s Day and since The Husband has to work the boys and I spent part of the day with my mom and grandmother. I was a bit fearful of having dinner with them and totally messing up what progress I had made thus far, so I made sure to get up early and get a workout in, ate a grapefruit, and prepared my brown rice before I left home. I took the rice with me along with my organic, fresh pressed grapefruit juice by Lakewood (delish!) to help make sure I would stay on track. I steered clear of the baked chicken and beef that was in the okra soup and decided to make a to go plate of that instead to eat tomorrow along with the lemon walnut bars that I baked for dessert (not eating one of those was a feat of fantastical proportions).

Day 8 – Overall this was a much better experience this time around. I didn’t stick to my green tea like I wanted to, but I did keep up with my water intake and actually finished all seven days with minimal cheating. I took a daily multivitamin, got as close to half my body weight in water as possibly, and took two Ultimate ThermoFit pills everyday. As an It Works! distributor I don’t sell what I don’t use or don’t believe in, and I believe that this was also key to my weight loss by keeping my energy up throughout the day as well as the extra almost 300 calories it helped me to burn.


Most people wouldn’t believe that I weighed what I did, and if not for the fact that this diet was a success I wouldn’t be sharing that number with you, but I haven’t been under 170 pounds in a long time, but during this seven day process I managed to lose 10 pounds, and was only really hungry on Days 1 and 4. I can’t say that it was an unhealthy eating process (but I’m not a medical professional) because I never starved myself, and because I was committed to the process, when I did get hungry I did my best to reach for a healthier snack option even if it wasn’t on the list (almonds, apples, eggs). After seeing that I’d lost six pounds in the first three days and noticing a significant change in my belly by Day 6, I was definitely committed to doing it again, because really, what am I doing all this for other than results? And knowing that I had something different to look forward to eating each day also made it worth my while to stick with it. I don’t like diets because usually it’s just you eating what’s on the list, losing weight, then going back to your old habits and gaining all the weight back. This was different for me. It made me enjoy eating, and not just because it was restrictive. It made me take stock of how my body reacted to eating – and not eating – certain foods:  I wasn’t overly and uncomfortably full, I didn’t fall into a sleep coma, I didn’t have any bloating even when I washed it down with a cold drink. Beyond being hungry I was able to recognize that certain carbs are just not necessary. My Day 6 meal would have usually been rutabaga over rice instead of green beans, but the French style green beans that I normally don’t like (I buy for The Husband and kids) was all I had, and when eaten with the rutabaga, added a different taste and the texture tricked my mind into realizing that I didn’t need rice after all.

I know that I have to keep myself goal-oriented or I’ll fall back into the fat trap, I have a “birthday dress” I have my eye on and a superhero costume for Halloween, so after my cruise I will definitely be doing this at least once more.

If you take the challenge, be sure to share your results!

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