Epiphany: Self-Care, Step 2

Self-Care Step 2:  Appreciate and encourage yourself; remind yourself of your worth.                     Self-Care Step 2a:  Making a list of things that are all about YOU.                                                        

Step 2 kinda came about unexpectedly from seeing the pile of dishes next to the sink… Going in my kids’ room and seeing toys scattered about and new clothes strewn all over… listening to requests for this and that and thinking to myself: they don’t appreciate what they have or what I do to make everything happen around here, and it really frustrated me for a for minutes. At some point the thought of being unappreciated kinda slapped me in the face and made me say:  I need to appreciate myself! There are times when I’m all about everyone else and just get lost in it that I forget to appreciate me, my body/health, my grind, my hustle, my motherhood, my position in my marriage, and I have decided to stop being frustrated with being unappreciated and remind myself of how awesome I am! No, that’s not being conceited; at some point you have to remind You of how dynamic you are just to help keep you going.

I’ve been a mom for almost seven years now. I’ve been a wife for almost four years now and my husband and I have been together for thirteen years. I’ve been a daughter and granddaughter for almost thirty-six years, a sister for thirty-three years, and a sorority sister for four years. I’ve been someone’s something for all of my life and in the last few years I’ve found that I sometimes forget so much about me and who I am and what I like that I have a hard time making birthday wish lists or deciding what I want to do when I finally have some down time. This unexpected journey in self-care has made me finally think more about me and what will – at the very least – keep me sane.

I’m a “lister.” Maybe you are, maybe not so much, but I function better with things in lists: grocery lists, to do lists, packing lists, lists of days and what needs to be done on each day… Lists make me more comfortable. In whatever way you keep track of things that you want to remember or access quickly, I challenge you to put together a list, a pinterest board, a jar of sticky notes with all of the things that make you feel encouraged/appreciated AND things that you like or like to do that make you who you are – the you that you are striving to be or the you that you are trying to get back to. Once you’ve done it, don’t lose it! When you need a little extra lovin’ on you, pull out your notes and pick one… or a few; whatever it takes to get you back to being in a good heart-space with yourself.

Be encouraged!


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