Finding ME

I just had the best birthday I’ve had in a long time! Since Peanut’s birthday is the day after mine, I’ve been having pretty low-key birthdays for the past six years because I’ve been focusing on making happy birthday memories with him. This year I decided that I was going to make happy birthday memories for both of us even if it killed me (& that post-birthday hangover almost did)!


If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then you know I had a fun-filled night that started with dinner with The Husband and roller skating with the crew. I joked that I waited until I turned 36 to decide to go skating again, but the truth is I’m just tired of forgetting myself. Do you ever do that? As a parent, I think we all do – to a point. We get so engrossed in making memories for the children and making money to fuel those memories that we get lost and the things that used to be a part of us somehow gets forgotten. Then you find yourself trying to make a birthday wish list of gifts and activities and you have no idea what to put on the list.


I refuse to have an empty list. Even if I have to start over and find new things to enjoy that are all about me, I refuse to have an empty list. I try to learn something new and do something new each birthday, and this birthday has taught me that I am too important to be forgotten by ME. It’s great when you do things that make others remember you, but you have to remember who you are, what you enjoy, what makes you happy – besides your career and family. And that’s not selfish, that’s being self-aware.

In my quest to be more self-aware and have more fun I’m committing to my own personal “31 Days of MomME” challenge in July. This challenge will include daily gratitude and affirmation journaling, activities with the kids, and self-care activities to help me get back to me. My hope is that at the end of it I’ll be more self-aware and more in tune with my family and prove to myself that there really is no excuse for not having emotional balance on a daily basis.

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