12 Days of (heart healthy) Christmas: Buffalo Chicken Salad

I’m doing my BEST to get my heart healthy lifestyle under way BEFORE the new year, but if you’re anything like me you’ve been plotting on Christmas dinner leftovers since you curled up in bed last night. If you’re also like me, even though you’ve had visions of stuffing and sweet potato pie dancing in your head, you still don’t want to overdo it.

Enter the buffalo chicken salad.

I personally like my buffalo wings with ranch and bleu cheese dressing, and this salad gave me both of those flavors at the same time; a literal burst of flavor in my mouth! I’ve been wanting to make this salad for quite a while, but I refused to make it without the bleu cheese crumbles (that Ii had some difficulty finding), and I’m so glad I waited until I found them.

After all the heavy holiday food I ate, this salad is a delicious break from that, and if you’d rather not pick up a rotisserie chicken the way that I did, use leftover turkey breast instead. You will NOT be disappointed!

12 Days of (heart healthy) Christmas: Buffalo Chicken Salad
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  • Cooked rotisserie chicken (or turkey) breast
  • 1/2 C Frank's Red Hot buffalo sauce
  • Salad greens
  • Bleu cheese crumbles
  • Selected salad toppings
  • - boiled egg, tomatoes, bacon bits, croutons, etc.


  • Chop your chicken or turkey breast and toss with buffalo sauce to coat. Place on top of your salad greens and toppings, top with bleu cheese, and dressing.
  • I have tried both buttermilk ranch and cilantro lime ranch dressing and both are delicious!

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