12 Days of (heart healthy) Christmas: Turkey BLT

If you haven’t heard me say it before:  I’m a bread whore.

Unfortunately, if I want to get rid of this belly fat I have to put the bread down… at the very least I can’t have it every day, two or three times a day. It won’t be easy, but I’m working out a bread day or a bread meal once or twice a week for myself so that I don’t go stark raving mad.

“…everything in moderation.”

My new favorite sandwich is the BLT on honey wheat bread with Hellman’s mayo… just the thought of that sandwich makes my mouth water! In my quest to find for ways to enjoy a sandwich without bread and still get enough protein, I had the bright idea to use chicken breast in place of bread, but with all of the leftovers in my fridge I opted for turkey instead.

The pros of this sandwich:  it was delicious, and I definitely felt fuller than I normally do with bread.

The con:  I missed the bread. I didn’t miss it like it didn’t taste good without it, I just missed it because… well… I’m a bread whore, like I said.

12 Days of (heart healthy) Christmas: Turkey BLT

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  • 2 pieces cooked chicken breast (or turkey), thin sliced
  • All natural bacon
  • Fresh tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Mayo or mustard (optional)


  • Fry your bacon and set aside.
  • Spread mayo or mustard (or dressing of your choice) on the chicken or turkey breast, add lettuce, tomato, and bacon.
  • Place your "sandwich" in a piece of wax paper or thick paper towel for mess-free holding.
  • Enjoy!

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