Be a Millionaire!

Happy National Be a Millionaire Day!!

If you’re like me you’re probably wondering what the hell is Be a Millionaire Day.

When I first heard of it, I just knew it was something I had to celebrate – even though I had no clue exactly what it was. My initial impression was that it was to celebrate those of us who desire to be millionaires, and while it’s that, it goes a bit deeper. When I did some research, I found that the basic idea is to visualize yourself as a millionaire, surrounded by whatever luxury your million(s) will purchase for you and then begin the steps toward making it happen:                                                  Begin investing                                                                                                                                                Review and update your investment portfolio                                                                                            Start a part time job or a side business                                                                                                           Hire a financial advisor                                                                                                                                        Cut unnecessary expenses and put the extra dollars into your savings                                                    Add to or begin adding to your 401K

My personal favorite is to find and join or begin an accountability group of like-minded people who are willing to help each other reach their goals.

As an entrepreneur, one of my main goals is to build an empire, a legacy that I can leave for my kids not only to be proud of but also to want to carry on because of its success. My goal is to be able to pay for their private school education and college tuition (if they choose to go) without selling my kidney or leaving them in student loan hell into their forties and fifties. Another goal of mine is to take at least one large scale family trip every summer when we’re all together so that our lives and memories together are filled with experiences and not just things. I have a few other financial “whys,” but those two are the BIG ones.  

A few years ago, I became infatuated with vision boards and planned to make one, but I ended my magazine subscriptions to save money. Then, about a year ago I told myself I would finally make a vision board… but I didn’t. In January, my sister-in-law took me a vision board event where the ladies provided the boards and all the supplies needed to put together your board, and I was finally on my way. I didn’t finish it that night, but it gave me a good start and within a month it was complete.

That one board sent me on a vision board path, if you will. Since then I have also created a vision board for my weight loss journey, and now – in celebration of National Be a Millionaire Day – I have created a “mini” financial vision board. This one is miniature compared to my other ones because my original vision board has financial goals; this one is just to help keep me on track. Creating this board allowed me to separate out one area from my original vision board, and it gave me space to write out some of my specific goals and action steps because although they are awesome to look at and spur motivation, a vision board alone will not yield results.  

There are quite a few things on my vision board that I had slated to accomplish in the first quarter of this year, and some of them didn’t get completed, but that’s ok. Not accomplishing those things helped me to look at them in a different life, figure out how to accomplish them later, and revamp to hopefully achieve better results. There are also a few things on there that I’ve taken off and changed or upgraded because in just a few short months I’ve learned new things and grown away from those ideas and am allowing myself to envision something greater. Change is scary and uncomfortable, but it is a very necessary evil to growth and accomplishing the goals that we envision. We have to keep changing and growing and envisioning greater…

Have you started working on the vision for your life?

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