Freedom Friday: Bible Study

I am super dumb crazy hype about my new Bible, and if you’re an 80’s made-90’s raised baby, you understood exactly what I just said, but if not what I said was:  I’m really excited about my new Bible!

The more mature I get, the less I consider myself religious; I feel religion has too many rules. I consider myself spiritual, and I’ve been working on cultivating my relationship with God lately. In so doing I happened upon Bible journaling and went to pull out my Bible to try my hand at it but couldn’t find my Bible!

I’m so addicted to my Bible app that somehow I managed to misplace a whole Bible! Even though I LOVE my Woman, Thou Art Loosed Devotional Bible (Bishop T.D. Jakes), I honestly think it was the Holy Spirit opening the door for me to start fresh.

I really wanted to start Bible journaling, but I can’t draw. Hell, I can barely paint by numbers, and in looking at all the drawings and painting and fancy lettering on Pinterest, I knew that Bible journaling wasn’t for me; the harshness with which I critique myself wouldn’t allow me to mess up a $30 Bible, and if I’m more concerned about the drawing than I am the devotion I’ve lost the point before I even start.

But did you know they make coloring Bibles??? I spent ALL DAY trying to decide which Bible to buy, how to decorate it, cover or no cover, new pencil sharpener for my colored pencil set, tabs, sticky notes, stickers… when I say it took ALL DAY, that’s not an exaggeration! Unfortunately, I have to wait a week or two before I get my jazzy Bible tabs, but I will definitely get this journey started in the meantime. And even though I was a little pissed with myself for my lack of productivity for the day, I’m so happy that I took the time to choose a Bible that I feel will make me want to read more and dig deeper into my relationship with Christ.

What are some ways that you cultivate your spiritual relationship?

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