Freedom Friday: Dreamer Life

“They didn’t see you because they couldn’t see you. [God] hid you from them because He doesn’t want you needing validation from outside sources; He needs you to be secure in who He created you to be. If NO ONE tells you that you have a calling, you know it because God has declared it in your spirit.”  – Pastor John Gray

I thank God for this message that healed my heart. For YEARS I thought something was wrong with me that my loved ones couldn’t – or wouldn’t – support me and tried to change me, tried to make me see life the way they saw it or downplayed my desires and my vision. Even in coming to the understanding in the last year that they couldn’t see it because God didn’t show it to them, it still hurt my heart that they couldn’t be the cheerleaders I needed to help me take those steps toward my vision.

This message helped me to understand that had they cheered me on like I needed when I wasn’t ready, I would have made moves that would have led to a mess. Their lack of support was also part of God’s plan; it kept me where I needed to be so God could work on me and prepare me to do it His way, not mine.

As entrepreneurs we are dreamers, and as dreamers we have a dream or a vision that we are excited about and we get fired up and we assume that we can share it with the people we love and because they love us they’ll be fired up about it too and everything will just mesh and come together. The reality is:  it doesn’t always work that way because it’s not their dream to be fired up about, it’s ours. Sometimes God wants us to be fired up about it alone so that we 1. work that much harder to achieve it and prove to ourselves that we can do it, and 2. so that we will seek out those like us and realize that while we may be a “special breed,” we’re not alone.

In spite of my parents, and in spite of my friends, I had to tell myself that I wasn’t crazy, that what I wanted wasn’t too much. I had to teach myself to accept that they simply didn’t see life the way that I did, and I had to be okay with that.

Sometimes being okay with that meant dreaming in silence because sometimes when you speak your dreams not only are they not accepted by those that love you, they are shut down, diminished, disregarded, and determined to be fantasy or whimsy to the point that it makes you question yourself. Sometimes dreaming in silence is necessary to be able to hold onto that dream so that you can make it come true in spite of the naysayers… even when the naysayers are people who love you.

No matter what, NEVER STOP DREAMING.

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