What Sugar & Cocaine Have in Common

I’d heard that sugar was as addictive as cocaine, but I had to do some research to find out for sure, and the fact is that when scientists took MRI images of the brains of people consuming sugar and highly addictive drugs like cocaine, the same pleasure centers in the brain started lighting up. This basically means that sugar is truly addictive, and it will alter your brain chemistry over time and you will start to crave more and more sugar. The urge for your next sweet fix comes more frequently and you need to consume it in larger quantities and like any other drug, it comes with some pretty scary side effects. Not being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans because of your cookie addiction is going to be the least of your problems.

 Yes, there will be weight gain, but with it, and particularly because this weight gain is brought on by consuming too much sugar, the risk of developing Type II Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure – and with it, stroke – are all increased. Add to that the extra stress the added weight puts on your joints and tendons and how much harder it is to get enough oxygen pumping through your body, it’s no wonder you feel crappy as you put on weight. All these various health conditions are referred to as metabolic syndrome and it’s just one of the things that can occur when feeding a sugar addiction.  

 Like with a cocaine addiction, harming your body and compromising your health doesn’t really matter all that much when you’re faced with a hot box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, right? Besides, who really wants all those unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as you start to wean your body off of sugar? I know I don’t… but it’s beach-body-ready-season, and I want to be better than I was last year, both in appearance and health, and I’m pretty sure that means I’m going to have to start by cutting out sugar.  

I’m starting out small, challenging myself to get through the next five days: no soda, no candy, no cookies, no doughnuts; none of the sweets I buy for the kids that always look good late at night or when I shouldn’t be eating them. I’m cutting out bread and pasta and condiments that have added sugar and – to be on the safe side – no fast food!

This is NOT going to be easy for me, and I’m definitely dreading the side effects, but if I truly want to be a better me I have to start somewhere. Do you want to join me? Follow me on Instagram to see my tips and tricks and watch my progress.

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