The Frustrations of Social Media for the Rising Entrepreneur

I had no intention of writing another blog post this week, but I just couldn’t let this go.

I love Facebook, but truth be told, lately I have come to prefer Instagram. On the Gram I feel like I can just be social. I can follow people I don’t know and be entertained by their videos and memes or empowered by their solo and family adventures, and I can get the same in return:  people I may never meet, genuinely engaging on my page. Even when there are sponsored posts, I don’t feel pressured into anything.

On Facebook, I tend to feel overwhelmed with all the sponsored posts sometimes. I mean, you click on one link to download a free guide or sign up for one webinar and now they have you trapped in the “cookie jar:” you know, the behind The Wizard’s Curtain of all the cookies they apparently are using to see what you’re clicking on. It seems to be the same way you can search for something on Amazon or Target and then the same thing winds up in your newsfeed. That’s always been kinda creepy, big-brother-ish to me, but it didn’t feel intrusive.

I’m probably just being sensitive, but this feels intrusive. If I click on a link to sign up for a webinar on how to increase business engagement on social media (just for an example), I have no desire to now see ten sponsored posts from ten different “top coaches” telling me how they made five figures overnight or how they turned their business around in thirty days.

As an entrepreneur I would LOVE to have that type of success story, and hopefully one day in the near future I will wake up to five figures in my bank account from a product or service that sold while I was asleep, but unfortunately, today ain’t that day, and in the meantime I’m just trying to make my business work for me. Like I said:  I’m probably being sensitive – I am a Cancer, after all – but I go on social media to be free of some of the pressures of life, not find more, and when I’m bombarded by all of these success stories, it doesn’t empower me, it pisses me off.

Why aren’t they telling the truth? Why aren’t they telling about the months and years of hard work it took to build an email list and get noticed and book their first unpaid speaking gig just to get their name in the atmosphere? Why aren’t they telling about the first car they bought that could barely make it to the corner without needing a jump or when they had to walk or catch public transportation because they had no car? Why aren’t they telling how they came from a thriving family business or a wealthy family willing to sow into them financially so they could pay all the top experts to do the work for them and then put their names and faces out to the public? I will admit that I’ve watched a webinar or two where the speaker admits that they didn’t always have it all together and had to scratch and scrape to get where they are, but then they attempt to get you to sign them as your coach so that they can give you their secrets to overnight stardom so you don’t have to go through what they went through. The end result is still the same:  it’s not going to happen overnight.

There’s no such thing as a true overnight sensation. Thirty days or thirty years, the time clock still starts when you do, and from the time when no one knows you to the time that people finally catch on and things take off may seem like overnight because of the speed of traction, but let’s just be honest:  it takes TIME and it takes WORK, and I wish these “top leaders” and gurus would stop making entrepreneurial success seem like there are secrets or magic pills other than drive and determination, especially if you don’t already have six figures in your bank account to invest hoping for an overnight five-figure return on investment. I’d really like them to stop getting people to feed their dreams from the lies they’re selling.

I’m just a girl trying to change the world and put enough money in my bank account while I’m doing it that my kids will have an inheritance when I’m gone. In the process I’d love to help others achieve the same goal through an honest working process, and I wish there were more people out there trying to do the same thing.

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