Ranting Mom Tees


Society says a “basic chick” is BORING, AVERAGE, SIMPLE, INFERIOR, CHEAP…

I beg to differ. I have taken the leap into marriage. I have taken the leap into motherhood. At one point I took to advancing my career and now I’ve taken the leap into entrepreneurship. There are women finishing their education, starting that dream job, traveling the world –  whether with a spouse or all alone – they’re doing it.

NOTHING about these women is basic, but by society’s definition because they choose to spend their money on their family and their experiences instead of on cars and shoes that they can’t pronounce in order to impress people that don’t matter, somehow that makes them basic, makes ME basic… but I’m okay with that.

Be BOLD – beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action

Be AUTHENTIC – not fake, false, or carbon copied

Be SOPHISTICATED – complex, intricate, altered by education and experience

Be IMPERFECT – of, relating to, or characterized by weakness or defects (it’s okay; we all have them!)

Be COURAGEOUS – undeterred by danger or pain

We have enough people tearing us down and teaching us to tear each other down, it’s time to be empowered and empowering, queenly in your own right; bold, authentic, sophisticated, imperfect, and courageous.

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