Tuesday Table

I’m a novice runner. Like, I’m not even a runner. I’m a fairly decent – when I stick with it – power walker, but I’ve always wanted to be a runner. In my quest for better health (& full disclosure: weight loss) I have found a 30-Day Run Challenge that I am working to accomplish.

But, of course, I decide to start running in January when it finally decided to start getting cold in Charleston. And, I mean, the cold came in like a flood! We had a 75-degree “Miami Christmas” with my kids riding their bikes outside in short sleeves, and no sooner than 2016 arrived, so did the 20 – 30 degree temperature drop!

Can I tell you that it is not cute learning how to be a runner when you’re running into wind that is cutting your throat and making your nose run?! Man… it’s not a lot, but here are a few things I learned (the hard way) while running in 36 degrees…

1. Chapstick – if you think that the little bit you smeared over your lips before you left the house 15 minutes ago is going to last, think again.

2. Gloves – This should probably be a no-brainer, right? Wrong. My poor fingers were practically icicles when I got back despite the fact that I covered them with my sweatshirt sleeves.

3. Head wrap – If you are a natural hair diva like I am, this is crucial! Even in a protective twist or braid style, that cold air will leave your locks feeling mighty dry and drained. Do your hair a favor and “tie one (wrap or scarf) on” before you hit the pavement.

4. Face scarf – I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called, but you know – the ski mask deal that covers your nose and mouth so all that ice cold air doesn’t get in there and have you spitting while your nose is running as hard as your feet are.

5. Pockets of some sort – My leggings do not have pockets, but my weighted vest does have a water bottle holder… but I’m just getting started so I won’t be wearing that right now… and I have to have somewhere to put my chapstick and house keys and water bottle, so I threw on a hoodie! It did an awesome job at double duty:  super warm AND somewhere to put my odds and ends.

Hopefully my novice runner’s insight will help you get moving without freezing!